The Menu


Homemade spinach and bacon croquettes (unit.) juicy and tasty and accompanied with our all i oli sauce… 2,75€

Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea (unit) from Santoña accompanied with glass bread rubbed in hanging tomato… 2,75€

Callos Madrileña trippes of pork in spici sauce… 15,50€

Red tuna tartar with truffle and creamy cheese… 15,50€

Cannelloni with veal and chicken with homemade bechamel and parmesan shavings… 16,50€

*Fried scallops medallions on cabbage trinxat and mayonnaise kimchi… 17,00€

*Pani puri of cod salad with citrics… 17,50€

*The classic foie shavings seasoned with a 10-year-old Royal Tawni port vinaigrette and bread toast… 18,00€ / 14,00€ (1/2 portion)

**Acorn-fed iberian ham, D.O Valle de los Pedroches hand cut and served with crystal bread rubbing on hanging tomato… 35,00€ / 25,00€ (1/2 portion*)

From the Garden and Ecological…

Salad of vegetables and greens with candied mushrooms. Variety of fresh lettuce with steamed vegetables… 10,75€

Asadillo of vegetables and burrata to the embers and green pesto… 14,50€

Calçots in tempura (sweet onions) with romesco sauce… 16,50€

Coca of aubergines from Anglesola with duck ham and honey… 17,50€

*Omelette stew with truf􏰀e with asparragus veloute… 20,50€

Rice and Pasta…

*Rice with vegetables of the season of pump variety and made with seasonal products(***) … 20,50€

Fideua with duck liver and mushrooms thin and toasted noodles and served with grilled national foie and Pedro Ximenez notes… 22,75€

Spinach tagliatelle with sauteed carabinero served with sautéed garlic and cherry… 23,00€

*Creamy octopus and spinach rice (minimum 2 person) served in crockpot(***)… 23,75€

(***)preparation time: 25 min.


Stew beans La Granja with jowls and sausage… 17,50€

*Suquet of rock 􏰁fish. Stew in casserole with cachelos… 25,25€

Of the Lonja…

Grilled prawns 4 unit (160 gr/180 gr) from Vinaroz accompanied by sweet leaves… 19,75€

Hake of national skewer the baked loin and without spines over peper gel and corn… 22,50€

Grilled squid with sweet onions and black garlic… 23,75€

*Candied cod at 63º with curry of pumpkin and fresh herbs… 25,75€

*Seasonal 􏰀fish made on slate and served with mini vegetable garden in ground of tubers… 26,50€

**Prawns from Palamós (180 gr) grilled accompanied with sweet leaves… 36,00€

From the Field…

Roasted 􏰁eld turkey shoulder withpine nuts and fruts at Px… 21,50€

Cocotte of venisson stuffed wit cabernet with creamy gnochis… 22,50€

Iberian pork jar with sautéed parsnips, shallots and chanterelles… 23,25€

*Grilled veal sirloin with truffle and vegetables in wok… 25,50€

Bread and appetizer… 3,50€

EXECUTIVE MENU ( Monday to Friday lunch)

Starter, Main Course and Dessert or coffee (Drinks not included)… 29,50€

Main course and Dessert or coffee (Drinks not included)… 22,50€

Suplement for startes , main courses (marked with *)… 5,00€

Suplement for startes , main courses (marked with **)9,00€


All our desserts are made in our kitchen with natural products of the highest quality

For Drink…

B&B cocktail. Benedictine and brandy served in hot cup… 9,75€

Daiquiri with strawberries. Aged Rum and strawberry liqueur served in cocktail glass… 11,00€

Harvey Wallbanger cocktail. Vodka, Galliano and orange juice served in a wide glass… 11,00€

Mojito of violets. Licor of violets and aged rum served in a wide glass… 11,50€

Old fashioned Whisky. Wisky, soda and angostura served in a low glass… 12,50€

Gimlet Cocktail. Premium gin, lime juice and soda… 12,50€

With desserts we recommend you…

Cocktail Paradis Madrid. Sparkling palomino grape accompanied by eco apple juice… 6,00€

Laura Moscatel D.O. Jerez of mahogany color with amber reflections… 3,00€

Sweets and Natural…

Artisan ice cream with its toppings. Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coconut, pistachio, stracciatella… 6,50€

Cava sherbets. Lemon, tangerine, raspberries… 9,75€

Organic yoghurt “el de Colmenar” served with its toppings of red fruits, nuts and organic honey… 6,50€

Pear, almond and vanilla cake with glass soup… 7,75€

Cake of the day… 7,75€

Our catalan cream with caramel and lemon syrup…  7,75€

Seasonal fruit salad. Fresh and clean fruit ready to eat… 7,75€

Assortment of Spanish cheeses. Manchego, San Simón smoked, Blue of the Pear tree, goat of mold… 9,50€

Prices with VAT included


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