Plato de ensalada

Natural Gastronomy

From tradition, effort and love for the earth, our 100% natural gastronomic project, free of chemical products, is born. To carry it out we have the enthusiasm of a unique human group forged over the years.


Cerdos bellota

Our 100% natural meat

“Bosc del Siscar” is natural, where our Duroc pigs are raised in freedom and fed with natural products. “Antoni Tàcies” provides us with the best meats and sausages. “Valdellan” is natural, the León farm where our fighting cattle are raised in freedom.


Hombre amasando pan

Our 100% natural bread
Pan y Jara is natural, our bread supplier from Tahona Artesana de Madrid elaborates daily its bread from a meticulous selection of quality raw material and through an artisan process with traditional recipes.

Bodegón de productos varios

Take them home
In the “Rebost” of our restaurant you will find for sale a selection of 100% natural preserved products from our gardens. Do not hesitate to take them home!

Huerto lleno de lechugas

Our 100% natural garden

Finca La Morana is natural, our 50,000 m2 garden located in Anglesola (Lleida), provides us with the best vegetables, including a selection of 12 varieties of tomato, bean, lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, calçots … treated without products chemical.

Gambas rojas

Nuestro pescado FRESCO
El mejor pescado fresco traído diariamente directo de nuestras lonjas y seleccionado por nuestro equipo.

Conservas al natural

Juices and preserves
“Cal Valls” is natural, our internationally recognized ecological supplier, is in charge of preparing our preserves and natural juices. “Cal Senzill” is natural, responsible for making our most traditional canned goods, with products from our garden.


Our 100% natural fruit
Finca Montparler is natural, our strawberries, pears, plums, quince … and of course, the apples of our Vilagrassa farm, natural flavors of our land.


Cabras encima de piedras grandes

Our 100% natural cheese
Suerte Ampanera is natural, in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) all the cheeses that come to our table, of goat, sheep and cow are refined one by one. A selection of quality organic cheeses linked to the ecosystem and awarded nationally.


Plato de toncinillo

Tasting in our letter…
The implementation of this ambitious project gives us the chance to taste a unique gastronomic menu, in which natural products, free of chemistry, are the protagonists.


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