How was the concept born?

At Paradis Madrid we have always been interested in the soul of raw materials. For years we bet on the traceability when almost no such expression existed. The importance of the land, the race, the healthy feeding of the animals, the methods of ecological and natural farming, the recovery of varieties that are about to disappear, the search for almost lost flavors… have been our motto in the Restaurant Paradis Madrid from our beginning.

The culinary care that we feel for traceability in its wide sense, has led us to create “Gastronomic Team Building“, born with the intention of discovering, in a playful and original way, the soul of food, beverages and raw materials, through work teams.

An excellent formula to awaken the 5 senses, enjoy the infinite pleasure of our gastronomy and know a part of its secrets, virtues, qualities and origins.

A new concept that we want to share and encourage many people to experience. Our idea is that they can enjoy as a group, either in a different way from what they usually do, as a new way to enjoy cooking, and all with a very clear goal: to turn those moments into a unique and unforgettable experience .



Groups over 8 people.

A culinary experience to enjoy and have fun:

  • Gastronomy on the table
  • Dishes to make them by group (1 chef)
  • Show Cooking by our cooks
  • Dessert

Choose between 2 Tapas Master Classrooms.


Wine tasting

Groups of more than 5 people.

A culinary experience to enjoy flavor and knowledge:

  • Wine tasting
  • Gastronomic pairing
  • Dessert

Choose between 3 different Wine Tastings.


Show Cooking Paellas

Groups over 8 people.

A culinary experience to enjoy in a big way thanks to the Show prepared and prepared by our Chef of Paradis Madrid:

  • Mediterranean Rice Show Cooking
  • Appetizers
  • Gastronomy on the table
  • Dessert
  • Drinks

Reservation conditions

Team Buildings applicable only for groups.
A deposit of 50% of the total invoice is required to confirm the reservation.
The total payment of the invoice will be made at the end of the event.
It is considered the last definitive confirmation of guests that was made 48 hours before the celebration.
Instantaneous translation service for groups not included price (90 € + VAT) during the whole activity.


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