What are the GastroAulas?

At Paradis Madrid we have always been interested in the soul of raw materials. For years we bet on the trazacalidad when almost no such expression existed. The importance of the land, the race, the healthy feeding of the animals, the methods of ecological and natural farming, the recovery of varieties that are about to disappear, the search for almost lost flavors… have been our motto in the Restaurant Paradis Madrid from our beginning. The culinary care that we feel for trazacalidad in its wide sense, has led us to create Aulas Paradis, born with the intention of discovering, in a playful and original way, the soul of food, beverages and raw materials.

An excellent formula to awaken the 5 senses, enjoy the infinite pleasure of our gastronomy and know a part of its secrets, virtues, qualities and origins.

Paradis Madrid GastroAulas

Hombre cortando jamón

Ham classroom

Knowing how to recognize an Iberian ham and the differences between a 100% acorn and another recebo. Importance of the breed and the feeding of the pig in the quality of the ham. Appreciation of the different palatal nuances depending on the part of the cut ham. Pairings with fine wines and Andalusian manzanillas.

Three types of hams with D.O. will be tasted.
Price € 30.00 I.V.A. included/person

Hombre limpiando ostras

Classrooms oyster and champagne

All the secrets of oysters uncovered. How they live, where and how they are grown, why some are flat and others are not, the different sizes, provenances and qualities … French, American, Japanese, Spanish … All with their best company, the natural sparkling wines made with the “methode champenoise”.

4 types of champagne oysters will be tested.
Price 40 € VAT 10% included / person

Bodegón de esparragos

Master Class

From our experience and tradition we created “Master Class” to enjoy a unique experience. Where the gastronomy has the maximum protagonism in the hands of Domingo Arco (Executive Chef) and Paradis Madrid´s team. A meeting where you will learn how to prepare, cook and present the dishes and the best seasonal products. If you like the kitchen and the stove this is your space and your moment.

Price 40 € VAT 10% included/person

Reservation conditions

These classrooms are applicable for groups of more than 15 diners.
A deposit of 50% of the total invoice is required to confirm the reservation.
The total payment of the invoice will be made at the end of the event.
It is considered the last definitive confirmation of guests that was made 48 hours before the celebration.


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